Celebrate National School Sport Week this month!

National School Sport Week

National School Sport Week is back! From the 20th to the 26th of June, children’s charity Youth Sport Trust will be campaigning to save thousands of children across the country from loneliness and isolation through play.

Many children have been affected by widening inequality. In response, Youth Sport Trust has set the theme for this year’s National School Sport Week as ‘Belonging – a place in sport for every child’. For many children who may not feel as physically able as other children or have been affected by family poverty and difficulty, then sport may not be their first port of call.

Youth Sport Trust is campaigning to change this, making schools the place to level the playing ground, in more ways than one! With children facing new issues with rising mental health needs, the charity will be tackling this with a healthy dose of play!

The charity will be running a series of 60-second interactive challenges with partnered schools to foster belonging. Follow their campaign page to keep up with any new updates and even get involved yourself.

Don’t forget registrations for National School Sport Week are now open here. Get children moving this month at National School Sport Week!

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