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We at ISF, know the importance of fitness. It creates stronger bodies and minds. It improves wellbeing. It has the power to shape a generation.

That’s what we believe

With ISF post-16 education, you can bring the future of sport and fitness right to your school campus. That’s why we called our program the Institute of Sporting Futures. To bring something that we believe in, to every student who wants to learn, grow and build a future in our sector.

Our course offers vocational coaching with 400 combined hours of work experience on-site working with some of the best in the industry. They’ll learn from their own mistakes, from their mentors’ mistakes and learn to take successful steps forward on their own. Whatever their goal, they’ll have earned a clear path to a career in sport, leisure, and fitness.

Why my campus?

The ISF course does what many don’t. We create an environment for students who need something practical and active to get them going. Students who want to get out and make something of themselves where being classroom-bound just doesn’t appeal. For students who find that they need something different, you’ll have maximum retention and even attract new students into their fold with our offer.

As an ISF site, you’ll have a direct association with Jessica Ennis-Hill, our Olympic gold medallist ambassador. Not only will there be engagement for the students but for the school as well with a marketing package built around Ennis-Hill herself. We run public launches and recruitment events so your students can get to know their options and find out more about what we offer them.

Best of all, we offer concrete pathways into the industry. With a guaranteed interview on successful completion and bags of work experience, school-leavers that might have delved straight into employment, will not only stay in education but be learning on the job.

ISF are looking for changemakers. We’re building a future. Be part of it. Contact the team to start building your future with us.

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