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Notre Dame High Sixth Form

Notre Dame High Sixth Form prides itself on encouraging enrichment for its students. ISF students benefit from not only a stately venue for their studies, but a supportive environment that is dedicated to sporting success.

The school itself boasts an enviable sports tradition, with a school ethos that celebrates the necessity of a well-rounded school experience. As a host for ISF students, the beautiful grounds and focus on personal development helps students to realise their passion and dedication to a career in sport, the foremost principles of the course.

Many students at the school have committed themselves to reaching national and regional levels in football, badminton, and rounders. With staff encouraged to lead extra-curricular sporting activities, ISF is very much in keeping with the ideals and strengths of the school.

Studies have shown that around 40% of sports grounds and facilities are on school premises. Hosts that partner with ISF make their first steps to fully utilise their space. Harnessing their grounds and their classroom teaching, they can improve students capacity for developmental growth in a variety of ways. Using a school environment like this, we change the very nature of what school can offer. Flexibility is at the core of what we teach and the values that we engender at a host site.

An ISF course can change a young person’s relationship with school. It will help them understand that leadership and achievement will be earned through commitment to learning. The course will build their knowledge every day in practical ways that are truly enriching.

We will be training the next generation of coaches, of course. With the help and support of Notre Dame High School, we will also be training the next generation of well-rounded leaders.

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